Sunday, February 15, 2015

Adding a grade center column on BB

It’s about the time in the semester when major assignments start to come in. It’s easy to keep track of student grades on Blackboard. This tutorial will show you how to manually add a column in the grade center, and briefly discuss the types of assignments that are automatically added.

To start, click on the grade center link in the control panel and select full grade center. Choose create column, and then add a name, description if desired, primary or secondary display, point value, rubric, due date, and options. Hit submit, and you should now see the column in your grade center display. You can also experiment with creating calculated columns, which are useful if you use weights in your course.
If you choose to have students submit assignments via blackboard drop boxes, those will be automatically populated to the grade book. You can also set other tools to automatically add, such as journals, discussion boards, and exams.

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